Rubber Johnson: U Can’t Stop The Rubber Rocket! (Remix Package 2) | OUT NOW!!!

Since the original “U Can’t Stop The Rubber Rocket” single dropped, RJ have been busy saving the world from all sorts of no fun havin’, regulation makin’, creativity crushing, soul destroying Muthasuckas! Now although that doesn’t leave time for much else, they have also managed to get in some studio time to do some tasty collab and remix work with their friends over in the US, Fort Knox Recordings (R.I.P Jon Horvath) and All Good Funk Alliance, as well as a few remixes for Respect Music Records artists Stalkz and Jacob Rohde and Opolopo and Amalia (Coming Soon).

In addition to this, the word is that RJ have been hard at work getting their own original works release schedule for Respect Music Records in order, which we are very excited about!

Now rather then have you wait in despair for these to drop, we have actually been granted the opportunity to share with you, the world exclusive of the first Rubber Johnson animation and digital comic for their single “U Can’t Stop The Rubber Rocket!”. Which can only be described as some sort of crazy love child cartoon between Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang and The Jetsons.



Also to boot we have managed to get you a new line up of talented remixers such as Musol, Jimi Needles,Axis (Tom Drummond and Michael Justice), Zamali featuring Mario Coppola and Ad’N’Kuts to give the release a 2015 make over! In all giving us a great selection of sounds to get down too. Ranging from Donner Summers and Giorgio Moroder influenced Disco through to Hands in the air Drum and Bass and Party Funk Breaks!

Here is what some of the industry heavy weights had to say about the package!


QUINCY JOINTS Solid remix-packages! Zamali remix is the one for me, also like Jim Needles DnB remix!

OLLIE BROOKE Banging funkville here we come! Excellent riff and MuSouls pumped up electro disco vibe is rocking it hardest for me amongst a slew of extremely high-quality diverse remixes – top job!

DJ AGENT 86 Love the original! And I quite liked the MuSol extended mix, too…

SHARIF D Another solid release from Respect music, loving the nod to the old skool 70’s inspired funk…all mixes are great but the off beat claps and almost Prince sounding groove of the Zamali and Mario Coppola’s Brass’n’Beats remix had me playing repeat!! also loving that video clip!!

ARCO Very cool release, I like MuSols remixes!

ANTHONNE BOOGIE SHEPHERD Some bloody killer remixes here, I’ll definitely be giving them a rogering on the weekend!

We truly hope you vibe on this as an appetizer of what is to come from Rubber Johnson in the very near future.

Bringin’ The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time!

Love, Respect & Music Always

Respect Music Records

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