No Siesta - Bing Bing Boom

RMR001: No Siesta | Bing Bing Boom! (Debut Release)

No Siesta was born to the Golden shores of the East Coast of Australia in 2007. This combination of Latin Jazz, Carnival Sounds and Modern Dance Beats is sure to move booty’s all around the globe into a rhythmical frenzy.

No Siesta have captured a sound that we here at Respect Music Records have aptly titled “Afro Cuban Jungle Funk” So for some South American spice on your dance floors, look no further then No Siesta!

Bing Bing Boom!is a latin infused party track featuring No Siesta’s “Original Extra Cheese On Her Taco Mix” which is then backed up by two booty shakin’ house remixes by Socafrica aka Jeremy Sylvester and then for all the latin hip hop heads DJ Katch of Resin Dogs fame delivers a more down tempo vibe with his “Bling Bling Remix” and last of all a straight up electronic funk breaks remix by the forever transforming and innovative Nine Lives The Cat.

The response thus far from the pre-release industry promo has been amazing with support being shown for the track far and wide, here are but a few:

Omegaman 5 Stars (5 / 5) “Nice work!”

Luis Pitti 5 Stars (5 / 5) “Magnificos remixes !! muchas felicidades!! lo pinchare!! Bing Bing Boom! (Socafrica Dip Low Dub)”

Bertie Dastard 5 Stars (5 / 5) “Love the Latin vibes on show here. Nine Lives steals the show though with the huge Plump-esque bassline and funk beats. Full support!”

Kinky Movement 4 Stars (4 / 5) “Cool e.p thanks for the promo, All tracks are really nicely done. My pics are socafrica salsa hot remix and Nine Lives the Cat’s breaks mix. I’ll play them out on my up coming tours of south africa and the U.S!”

DJ Jorj 4 Stars (4 / 5) “Loving this track… great to hear that latin house is still alive!”

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In all, a very diverse and tasty release, so get your bean dip and corn chips out for this one! “Bing Bing Boom!”

   now available for download


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